VOSONOS: A Worldwide Open Learning Event

Inviting Community, Sharing Learnings, Evolving Practice

Join us... July 8-11 or July 9-12 (depending on your timezone)

Parent Circle: Open Space Community

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Complete Proceedings, including Invitation, Summary and all Notes captured. Download Now

Conference Agenda Wall – view conference agenda
Conference Proceedings (News Wall) – read notes from all sessions, migrated from Corners of the Main Meeting Spaces, after each conversation finished
Announcements – this is our morning/evening news space, read or post announcements or other comments
Book Table – Have a book that you wrote or one that you want to share?
Conference Schedule (printable timetable) – print this page to see all timeslots in your timezone and make notes about which sessions you want to attend
Live Cafe – A place for unscheduled conversations. Butterfly your way over there anytime.


• You can use the Raise Your Hand and/or Share Video functions when you want a turn to speak in larger groups.
• Watch the Collaborative Notes in the Main Space all sorts of emerging technical, schedule and session news items.
• When not speaking, sit back, relax, listen – and especially in larger groups, turn off your video to make room for next speakers to queue up in the video display.

• Take Notes in the collaborative notes section. We'll compile them all into a single document to share with you. We'll also post them to the OSLIST.
• There is a tool for sharing links. Just enter the link and the target page will be displayed right along with your video streams and collaborative notes.

• Make yourself at home, we're mostly old friends and old friends we haven't met yet.
• If you see something that needs doing, please step up and do or say something.
• Click all around, speak up, listen closely, read, post, experiment and share – and come and go as you need to. You're in charge of maximizing your own learning and contribution here!
• Try out the skills map at the bottom of this page and/or the Live Cafe link in the upper right corner of any page.

• Need help? (1) Call 443-400-7476, (2) email us at, or (3) ask your question in the chat at the bottom right of any page.
• Let's have some fun!

The invitation, opening briefings, and orientation materials here will be in English. The posting of issues, breakout conversations, and notes taken will be in any language(s) you choose to use. If anyone wants to translate any of this, we'll do our best to make those versions available to all participants.

All participants will be able to listen and/or view live plenary and breakout sessions here at QiqoChat. You will use your phone or computer microphone for audio connecting (to speak). To share your video (be seen), please use Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer 10+. Safari is not yet compatible with this video feature.

For the tech orientation video below, look for the "full screen" button at the bottom right of the video when you put your mouse over it.

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Wednesday, Jul 8 at 8:00p Eastern Time - Convert Time Zone

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