Join the QiqoChat Team as an Affiliate

Once approved, you will receive 25% of the membership fees of anyone you refer.
This lasts for the entire first year that they are a QiqoChat customer.
Two Options for Sharing QiqoChat as an Affiliate
1. Invite people to join any circle that you have created.
Here's the link to start a new circle.

2. Or send people to the QiqoChat homepage using your custom affiliate link. (Sign in to retrieve it.)

Simple Terms
These terms are intended to be generous to make it worth your while to help spread the word about Qiqo.

1. You can charge participants any amount you like for individual events in your circles and/or you can charge any amount you like for monthly membership in a circle. Qiqo keeps 1 cent/min per audio/video sessions, and you keep the rest. In the unlikely event that you are not charging your members enough for the audio/video minutes they are using, then we bill the difference to your credit card.

2. For any of your members who you introduced to QiqoChat, you will receive 25% of the payments they make when they become member of any other circle on Qiqo.

This applies to new members who join QiqoChat after you apply to become an affiliate. These are members who either arrive through your affiliate link or who join one of your QiqoChat circles first before joining any other. This lasts the entire first year that they are a QiqoChat customer.

3. We pay all accounts monthly if they have a balance of at least $100. When you get to that point, we will ask you to send us your Tax ID number (for companies) or Social Security number (for individuals).

4. These terms begin once we send you confirmation that you are approved as a QiqoChat affiliate and are effective the date which you applied.

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Lucas Cioffi is the founder of QiqoChat. He is an Iraq War veteran turned software developer. While serving for three years on the board of a national non-profit with 1700 members, he saw the potential for new tools to make sharing organizational knowledge more fun and efficient.

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